Dirt School: Introducing Stan Nisbet...

Stan Nisbet on Santa Cruz Bronson

Stan has been coached by us regularly at Dirt School for the best part of six years now, since he was just seven years old, and always stood out as an exceptional rider. By that, we don't just mean his incredible riding skills for someone so young, but his strong mindset and mature attitude along with his encouragement towards other young riders on every course has always been even more impressive.

We're super proud to announce that both Dirt School and Tweed Valley Bikes will be actively supporting Stan for the long haul now as he works his way towards his ambitions of racing on the DH World Cup circuit and Enduro World Series on his new Burgtec equipped Santa Cruz Bronson and V10. It's not just about the bikes for the job and mechanical support though, Stan will continue to attend our BASE Academy during the school holidays and be mentored by Andy and Innes who'll be working with him on developing his race craft, how to prepare, goal setting and how to reflect on those processes afterwards. Most of all though, they'll be making sure he keeps enjoying it and has heaps of fun along the way.

This one's been a long time coming and we're over the moon to welcome Stan under our wing and see where he can take this!

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