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Professional and efficient service work in the heart of the Tweed Valley. Highly experienced mechanics working with the best tools and equipment, keeping you out on your bike enjoying the vast trail network at our front door. 

Anything from a quick brake service all the way to pre-race season bike prep. Our mechanics have the skills to tackle any job to get your bike performing at its best.

Tweed Valley Bikes The tune up service

The Tune Up: £45

A quick in and out service that keeps your already well maintained bike running at its best. Great before a race weekend or trip away, or just as a simple safety service.

Every aspect of your bike is checked to make sure parts are fitted and working correctly, allowing you to get back out and enjoy your time riding knowing that your bike is safe and working properly. 

  • Chain lubricated and checked for wear
  • Gear shifting and cables inspected for wear or damage and adjusted accordingly
  • Brakes and cables/hoses inspected for damage or wear and adjusted accordingly
  • Tyres checked for wear and inflated to corrected pressure
  • All bolts inspected and torqued to manufacturers specifications
  • Full break down of work carried out and report for further work if needed

Any additional work or parts needed during this service will be added to the overall price, after we have given you a full rundown of proposed work.

Tweed Valley Bikes The Standard service

The Standard: £115

This service sets the standard for mountain bike servicing. Aimed at riders who spend a lot of time on the bike and want everything running smoothly all the time, we recommend this service is carried out every 4 to 12 months depending on the frequency, length and conditions of your rides. A good place to start is usually before or after the winter months when conditions are at their worst.

The Standard includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brake pads and rotors inspected for wear and replaced if needed (parts not included)
  • Brake service front and rear - includes brake fluid flush, air bleeding, piston lubrication, caliper alignment and rotor truing as necessary 
  • Drivetrain inspected and gears set up, derailleur hanger alignment checked and adjusted, any cables and drivetrain parts replaced if necessary (parts not included)
  • Frame checked for damage and alignment 
  • Headset inspected and bearing preload adjusted if necessary 
  • Wheels checked, trued and tensioned as necessary
  • Tubeless tyres inspected and sealant replaced (parts not included)
  • Tyre pressures checked and adjusted if necessary 
  • Bottom bracket inspected and replaced if needed (parts not included)
  • A full bolt and safety check, and test ride carried out.

Service parts - Any parts required during this service will be added to the overall service job after being discussed with you.

E-Bike service & diagnosis: £140

Everything from The Standard service with the addition of Shimano e-bike software updates, full cable and connection check, and a diagnostics report.

The Overhaul: £250

The Overhaul is aimed at those riders who want their bike feeling as close to new as possible and ride multiple times a week come rain or shine. 

An Overhaul is a full strip down, clean, service and rebuild of every major component of the bike, no stone is left unturned. Perfect as a pre-race season freshen up, or to keep your bike in the best condition possible when you’re riding day in, day out.

The Overhaul includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full strip down of the frame and linkages, frame bearings inspected and replaced if necessary (bearings not included). Everything is cleaned and degreased. All bolts/axles appropriately greased/threadlocked and all torqued to manufacturer spec.
  • Full strip down of front and rear hubs, pawls and springs cleaned and re-lubed, bearings replaced if necessary (bearings not included).
  • Fork removed and full strip down of the headset, all cleaned and re-greased. Bearings replaced if necessary (bearings not included).
  • Dropper post removed, post and actuator cleaned and lubed, inner and outer cable replaced (cable included).
  • Full clean and degrease of all drivetrain components.
  • Optional addition of a full suspension fork and shock service from TVB Tech for an extra £225, offering a slight package discount.

Service parts - Any parts required during this service will be added to the overall service job after being discussed with you.

Pit Stops:

Brake Service: single £35, Pair £60

The fix for most brake issues. Brake pads and rotor are replaced if necessary (parts not included), pistons are lubricated, brake fluid flushed, air bled, calliper aligned and rotor trued as necessary. 

Hub Service:  £15 Front - £30 Rear 

Bearings replaced, axles greased, pawls cleaned. Everything needed to get your wheels spinning smoothly. (parts not included)

Dropper Cable Replacement/Bleed: £25. E-bike: £40

New inner and outer cable fitted, actuator and post cleaned, appropriate fibre grip/anti seize applied and cable tension set. Cable not included.

Gear Service: £30

Drivetrain components and cables replaced as necessary (parts not included), gears adjusted and set up.


Frame Bearings Replacement: £75/£100-£140

Full strip down of the frame and linkages, all frame bearings replaced (bearings not included). Everything is cleaned and degreased and all bolts/axles appropriately greased/threadlocked and torqued to manufacturer spec.

£75 for Santa Cruz and Nukeproof bikes.

£100-£140 for all other manufacturers.

Headset Bearing Replacement: £15

Replacement of headset bearings, cups cleaned and fresh grease applied. Bearings not included.

Headset Replacement: £30

Replacement of the entire headset, new cups fitted, everything greased as appropriate and preload set. Parts not included.

BB Replacement: £20-30

Replacement of bottom bracket, crank axle cleaned down and all torqued to spec. Parts not included.

Full Tubeless Set Up: £25

Removal of old tubeless tape if necessary, fitting of new tape, valve and tyres. Parts not included.

Tubeless Tyre Swap: £10

Removal and optional disposal of old tyre, fitting of new tyre with new sealant. Parts not included.

This is not an exhaustive list, we can undertake any mechanical work on any bike. Just get in touch to get your bike back to its best.

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