TVB Tech Suspension Setup Days
Take the guesswork out of your suspension setup...

Feel like your bike isn’t quite reaching its full potential? Want to feel more confident on your bike and with faster lap times? A set up day could be just what you need.

Using World Cup level data logging equipment from Motion Instruments, and an experienced suspension technician to correctly interpret that data, TVB Tech takes the guesswork out of suspension setup and can quickly and accurately get your bike setup for your body weight and riding style, on the trails you like to ride. 

Modern suspension units are incredibly efficient at isolating the rider from trail features, allowing people to ride with more control and confidence over increasingly demanding terrain. Independently adjustable high and low speed circuits mean each unit can be set up to respond exactly as required to almost anything. However, with such a wide range of adjustments on hand it can be difficult to know if your suspension is working as well as it could. A good suspension setup is for everyone, whether you’re trying to shave seconds off your race times, or just want to feel more confident on your bike. 

We have three levels of suspension setup day to choose from; Gold, Silver and Bronze.

GOLD - £375

Join our experienced Suspension Technician for a one-to-one guided day of uplifted riding using the Motion Instruments Data Logger. 

Expect trails picked to best match your preferred riding terrain, effective adjustments made after each run and in-depth suspension chats on the bus ride back to the top.

Best for those who haven’t ridden at Innerleithen before and those looking to learn as much as possible about suspension setup, the range of adjustments and how they can affect the ride of your bike.

Silver - £295

An uplifted day of suspension setup with the Motion Instruments kit and our experienced Suspension Technician.

Silver sees you take to the trails alone, with the data logger sending everything back to the base of the trails, adjustments will be made after each run dialing you closer to that ideal setup.

Best for those who are familiar with the range of suspension adjustments and with good knowledge of the trails at Innerleithen.

BRONZE - £45

Meet us at Tweed Valley Bikes on Innerleithen’s High Street for a full sag and base setting setup. 

To complement this, a full explanation of the range of adjustments on offer gives you a better understanding of how each can change the feel of your bike on trail.

Best for someone new to mountain biking or with less experience setting up suspension, looking to gain knowledge and confidence in suspension adjustment.

Want us to join you on the trails to make adjustments as you go? We’re all qualified guides - why not add in a half day ride with us too for £195 all inclusive.


You’ll need a fully charged smartphone that you are happy to carry in your pocket all day, this is used for the actual data collectionBring your own shock pump to ensure set up is repeatable once you get homeBikes with shocks mounted in a ‘tunnel’ low down in the frame may be required to be dropped off with us the day before the set up day to give us time to get the equipment mounted. This will be established during the booking process.

Customer Reviews

Want to hear more from a rider who's already attended one of our gold setup days? Head over to our blog post to read more from Gav who spent a day with Ady last summer, and left us to get Strava PBs all over the valley...

How to book:

All bookings are taken by email or phone, with payment made upfront to secure your riding day or set up session. Contact us via the form below to find out more and get booked in...

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Had your suspension serviced lately?

If you're thinking about booking a suspension setup day with us, but haven't had your suspension serviced recently, we strongly recommend doing this first. Why? Fully serviced suspension can increase performance, and give us more accurate numbers on the day - read more in our blog post.