TVB Becomes a Shimano Service Centre

Shimano XTR Brake

We’re pleased to announce that Tweed Valley Bikes has just become the latest addition to the global network of Shimano Service Centres. 

A Shimano Service Centre is an accredited workshop with highly trained staff, all of whom are deeply knowledgeable on Shimano products and are able to carry out the best mechanical work, and offer reliable advice on diagnosing and repairing your bike. All Shimano Service Centre mechanics go through a training programme designed by Shimano themselves so that when you step into a Shimano Service Centre, you can be confident knowing that any advice given to you, whether it’s for repair work or choosing an upgrade, is reliable and is aimed at getting your bike running as smoothly as possible. 

Shimano XTR Drivetrain

Modern bikes are highly tuned machines with fine tolerances, any small variation in parts used can throw off the fine balance of the system as a whole. For this reason, Shimano Service Centres use only genuine Shimano replacement parts (where possible) to ensure the best possible performance from your bike. The same can be said of e-bikes, which require special care to remain running smoothly. Our highly trained mechanics can offer a system diagnosis on any Shimano equipped e-bike and carry out any repairs necessary to get you back motoring up the hills. 

Shimano XT Crank

Approved Shimano Service Centres also strive towards having plenty of stock of spare Shimano parts, here at Tweed Valley Bikes we always make sure to have the latest Shimano componentry available in store, especially the mountain bike parts commonly needed around the valley. This, along with our highly skilled and efficient mechanics, means we can perform repairs ranging from a full overhaul of your bike to a quick on the spot repair, to the highest standards with fast turnaround times. 

Shimano XTR Brake

We’re incredibly proud to say that we're an accredited Shimano Service Centre. Since we first opened and started offering services, we have always been driven to deliver the the highest quality of mechanical work. Being an accredited Shimano Service Centre will allow us to elevate that level of service even further, bringing best practice workmanship, approved by Shimano, to the Tweed Valley where the trails can be very tough on bikes. 

Shimano Service Centre

If you’d like to book your bike for a service, diagnosis or major overhaul, pop into our shop in Innerleithen, or give us a call on 01896 831429.


  • Archie Gunaydi

    Hi, I’m wondering if I can book my bike in for a rear brake bleed for shimano saint.
    I am having trouble bleeding it and it’s inconsistent when I’m breaking
    Would it be possible for it to be around 12:00 on Saturday?


  • Derrick Dalling

    I have a Santa Cruz heckler 2020 model and have just recently noticed both my batteries are not lasting as they used too thinking maybe an issue with the motor I think so I’m looking for a diagnostic if possible please

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