Rockshox Launch a New Trail and Enduro Fork Lineup!

Rockshox Launch a New Trail and Enduro Fork Lineup!

Today marks the release of Rockshox’s updated trail and enduro fork lineup. With countless hours of development and testing behind them, the totally revised forks promise to increase traction and reduce vibration transmitted to the rider. Already race proven, the updated suspension allowed Rockshox racers to take the overall title in both the Enduro World Series and World Cup Downhill in 2021. Now available to all riders, let’s dive into what makes these updated forks so special.

Perhaps the biggest change for MY23 Rockshox forks is the introduction of Buttercups. Designed to isolate riders from high frequency, low amplitude vibrations that reverberate through the fork to the bar, Buttercups work in a similar way to the engine mounts on a car, or rubber mounted chainsaw handles. Data collected over thousands of miles shows that Buttercups reduce vibration transmitted through the bar by an average of 20%, reducing rider fatigue and better front wheel tracking.

MY23 also sees an all new damper in the form of the Charger 3. A total ground-up redesign, the Charger 3 uses a totally new layout with the biggest change being the use of an Internal Floating Piston (IFP) instead of the expanding bladder seen on the previous generation Chargers. Using a coil sprung IFP to manage the change in volume of damping oil as the fork compresses gives the new Charger 3 damper unparalleled impact response. 

Complementing the new IFP design is a revised High and Low Speed Compression circuit which offers truly independent adjustment, eliminating any cross-talk between the two. This independence in adjustments means no compromise in a click or two of HSC affecting the LSC. 

Rockshox Zeb Ultimate 2023

An all new DebonAir + air spring gives a smoother initial stroke and increases support throughout the travel. What this means in the real world is that riders can use fewer tokens and less air pressure to get the correct spring rate and ramp up, all the while improving the off the top suppleness. 

Both the Pike and Lyrik receive a chassis update this year, both still using 35mm stanchions. The Pike is available in 120mm - 140mm travel in 10mm increments and the Lyrik in 140mm-160mm also in 10mm increments. The new chassis also features pressure relief valves on the lower legs to release any air trapped in the lowers, improving off the top feel.

The Zeb doesn’t receive the same chassis overhaul as the Pike and Lyrik, but still gets the pressure relief valves, and is available in travel from 160mm-190mm in 10mm increments. Current Zeb forks can be retrofitted with the Charger 3 damper, DebonAir + spring and Buttercups to bring your fork bang up to date.

Zeb Ultimate Rebound 2023

With the new improvements to what is already an outstanding fork, the updated Zeb could be the ultimate fork for Tweed Valley riding. Stiff enough for the technical terrain with incredible confidence and control when charging into the next section. 

The new 29” 170mm Zeb Ultimate is in stock now - give us a call on 01896 831429 to reserve yours, or to be notified when parts arrive for upgrading your current Zeb.

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