SRAM Set a New Bar with their Eagle Transmission

SRAM Eagle Transmission XO

2023 sees a revolution for SRAM’s groupsets; bringing an increase in both performance and durability, SRAM Eagle drivetrains are set to re-establish what is possible with a mountain bike transmission. 

Introducing 1x drivetrains 11 years ago, and leading the charge on 12 speed systems SRAM, once again, are at the cutting edge of drivetrain technology with the release of the revised Eagle drivetrain. Made up of a totally new derailleur, shifter, crank, cassette and chain, the new Eagle Drivetrains are designed as a cohesive system to raise the bar of what a performance oriented mountain bike drivetrain looks like. 

Aimed at increasing performance while simplifying and strengthening the system as a whole, the new Eagle Drivetrain uses no derailleur hanger or limit screws, easing set up and allowing you to get perfect shifting first time, every time. Forgoing the need for a derailleur hanger, SRAM Eagle drivetrains mount directly to the bicycle frame in place of SRAM’s universal derailleur hanger. This creates a much stronger connection between derailleur and frame, allowing for smooth shifting under full load, even on e-bike. 

Made up of three tiers, SRAM’s Eagle Drivetrains cover every base. From the lightweight and fully pared back XX SL, for world class performance on the race track, to the robust and dependable X0, for serious riders who need a drivetrain that continues to work ride after ride with a few scratches and scrapes. 

Revised shifter pod design improves ergonomics and increases the range of adjustability, allowing you to set up your shifter exactly how you like it. Customisable concave or convex buttons makes it easy to tell the buttons apart by feel and a reversible design means the shifter pod can be mounted on either the left or right side of the bar and button configurations are able to be customised in the AXS app. 

Sram eagle transmission crankset

Whether human powered, or electrically assisted, our cranks are what transmit our power to the drivetrain to keep us rolling forward. XX SL uses a hollow core carbon fibre construction to give podium ready performance, but is still the lightest ISO certified crank available on the market. XX’s carbon construction is further bolstered with a foam core, giving increased strength and stiffness while X0 cranks are an all aluminium construction with a striking look, clearly displaying the fact that these are the most advanced aluminium cranks SRAM has ever made. XX and X0 are available with an integrated bash guard built into the chainring. All Eagle Drivetrain cranks are compatible with Qarq power meters and XX and X0 cranks are available to fit Bosch or Brose powered e-bikes.

The beating heart of any transmission is the cassette. Coping with full power and smoothly shifting the chain across gears is made easy with a fully redesigned X-Sync tooth profile on all Eagle cassettes; the harder you pedal the smoother it shifts. 10-52t cassettes across all tiers gives a huge range when paired with the redesigned chain rings, available in 32, 34, 36 and 38t. A clearly marked “set up cog” on the cassette makes getting perfectly smooth shifts a breeze letting you spend less time in the workshop and more time on the trails.

Sram eagle transmission cassette

Flat top “T-Type” chains have been specifically designed with strength and durability in mind. Maximising shifting performance and also modernising the look of any bike they are fitted to, Eagle T-Type chains must be used on the latest Eagle drivetrains. XX and X0 are the strongest chains SRAM has ever made and are fully approved for e-bike use. XX SL brings a strength to weight ratio optimised for riders looking to gain every possible advantage. Super light outer plates use cut outs to trim any unnecessary weight without sacrificing performance. 

As a whole system, SRAM’s revised Eagle Drivetrains increase the simplicity, durability and performance of mountain bike transmissions. Easy to set up and maintain, a solid construction made to last the rigours of modern riding from XC to enduro all while providing the smoothest shifting under full load, time after time. 

Sram code stealth ultimate

SRAM Code brakes also see an update to the lever bodies. Revised routing sees the hose exit closer to the bar giving the rider a much cleaner cockpit. In addition, the Code range now adds an Ultimate Stealth brake featuring a carbon lever and stunning silver caliper. More on these to follow!

To find out more about these new drivetrains and brakes, and to see them for yourself, pop in to our shop in Innerleithen where we have all the information for each new groupset, as well as new parts in stock to check out.

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