Staff Bike Check: Tomy's Nukeproof Giga RS 297

Tomy standing with his Nukeproof Giga RS 297 in front of Tweed Valley Bikes in Innerletihen

Tomy’s preferred riding sits squarely in the enduro category. More than happy to sacrifice some rolling speed in exchange for as much traction as possible, he wants a bike set up for maximum descending capability. It’s no wonder then, that his bike of choice is the longest travel enduro bike in Nukeproof’s lineup. His Giga 297 delivers 180mm of travel front and rear, its linkage driven single pivot layout giving a feeling of bottomless travel and oodles of grip. A serial tinkerer, Tomy’s Giga is in a near constant state of flux, but he seems to have found his sweet spot with this current setup. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at Tomy’s Nukeproof Giga 297 RS. 

Tomy's Nukeproof Giga RS 297 profile shot Golfie Innerleithen

“The Giga uses a really similar suspension layout to the old Nukeproof Scalp I had back in 2012, a bike I absolutely loved, so as soon as I saw the Giga, I just knew that was the bike for me.” - Tomy

Tomy stands at 188cm tall which puts him right in between the Large and X-Large sizes for the 290 Giga. After testing both sizes Tomy found the Large gave him more confidence on the trail, being able to more effectively weight the front wheel and finding the shorter wheelbase easier to squeeze into tight gaps on trail. To this end he decided on a 297 frame over a 290, to maximise the agility of his bike. 

Tomy riding his Nukeproof Giga at the Golfie

“With 180mm of travel on offer there’s really not a lot that will slow this bike down or knock it off line so, to increase the manoeuvrability of the bike, I decided  to go for the MX wheel setup. The decreased chainstay length, and overall wheelbase, makes the bike more willing to tip over into turns and just makes it easier to drive into smaller grip points. With so much travel and capability on offer, I feel like I can sacrifice a bit of straight line stability for a more agile bike” - Tomy

Tomy's Nukeproof Giga profile shot in Innerleithen

Tomy’s Giga is fitted with a Rockshox Zeb Ultimate fork and a Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil, both delivering 180mm of travel. With the hard riding intentions of this bike the Zeb gives a stiff and solid chassis, keeping the front wheel pointing where it needs to go. A coil rear shock increases the small bump sensitivity of the rear suspension, allowing Tomy’s Giga to claw out as much traction as possible from the wet roots that are so prevalent here in the Tweed Valley. 

Nukeproof Giga suspension close up

Tomy’s Zeb is pumped up to 55psi with 3 volume spacers installed. This gives an incredibly smooth initial stroke thanks to the low pressure but with plenty of ramp up to resist harsh bottom outs. With High Speed and Low Speed Compression adjustments set to fully open, Tomy’s fork is set up to track the ground as closely as possible. To help with this Tomy has his rebound set 5 clicks from fully open. A faster rebound speed allows the front wheel to return to sag faster, not only giving more available travel but increasing traction and sensitivity as well. 

A 400lb spring on the rear shock gives Tomy around 32% static sag and is set to the more progressive of the two suspension settings built into the Giga frame. Set up with Low Speed Compression fully open and the rebound 2 clicks from fully open, his rear suspension is set to match the front, relatively soft with fast rebound.

Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil rear shock close up

“I’ve spent a bit of time going back and forth between the 400lb and 450lb spring, and changing between the two suspension settings on the frame. In the end I’ve found I prefer the softer of the two springs and running the frame in the more progressive setting. This setup lets the bike track the ground really effectively, giving me heaps of traction and confidence, but still resists bottom outs in big compressions” - Tomy

Burgtec mk.3 Enduro stem close up

At the helm is a Burgtec bar and stem; a 30mm rise RideWide Alloy bar cut to 730mm sits on a 42.5mm mk.3 enduro stem. Tomy has opted for an aluminium bar as it gives a more forgiving ride than carbon, reducing arm pump and fatigue over long days, and the slightly narrower overall width makes it easier to sneak past the tight trees that make up so much of Tweed Valley riding. Burgtec Bartender Pro grips dampen the trail chatter being fed through the bar, further helping to reduce arm pump and allow Tomy to relax his grip on the bars. 

Burgtec Bartender Pro grip close up

SRAM Code RSC brakes with 200mm SRAM HS2 rotors bring incredible stopping power and heat dissipation. With remarkable performance, easy maintenance and great reliability, Codes were an easy choice for Tomy on his Giga. Fitted with sintered pads front and back for maximum power and longer pad life, the brakes have a totally consistent feel ride after ride. 

SRAM Code RSC with HS2 rotor

“I’m probably the most fussy about the brakes on my bike, they have to bite the same, with minimal lever throw so I can run the reach as close as I like. I’ve used Code RSCs on a few bikes now and have always found them super easy to setup and consistent once you have them where you like them” - Tomy

SRAM Code RSC Lever on Burgtec handlebar

With such a heavy emphasis on downhill performance, it should come as no surprise that Tomy has chosen some serious rubber for his Giga. Maxxis Assegais sit on the front and back wheels of his bike, both in the super soft MaxxGrip rubber compound. With a DoubleDown casing on the front and a DH casing out back, Tomy can run lower pressures without having to worry about punctures. A tyre insert is fitted to the rear tyre, this gives extra sidewall support in hard turns, not only stopping the tyre from burping under load but also increasing traction and reducing trail chatter. Tomy’s tyres are set to 21psi in the front and 24psi in the rear.

Maxxis Assegai tyre

The Maxxis tyres spin on a Nukeproof Horizon V2 wheelset. Simple, robust hubs laced onto strong, but relatively lightweight, aluminium rims keep Tomy’s Giga rolling. At 30mm wide internally, the Horizon V2s give the Maxxis 2.5”WT tyres an ideal profile, with the only difference front to back being the rim’s sidewall thickness; the Horizon V2 rear wheel has a thicker rim sidewall to give extra strength over the front wheel. 

Maxxis Assegai tyre logo on Nukeproof Horizon V2 wheelset

Propelling Tomy to the top of the next descent is a SRAM AXS X01 drivetrain. A 10-52t cassette, paired with a Burgtec 32t chainring, gives plenty of range for the steepest of climbs without having to sacrifice top end speed. A Nukeproof top chain guide keeps the chain secure over rough terrain and the integrated bash guard protects the chainring from Tomy’s misjudged landings. 

SRAM AXS X01 rear mech

“The Giga is such a confidence inspiring bike to ride, totally unfazed by slippery roots and rough sections, the slack geometry and supportive rear suspension makes the bike calm and composed everywhere. I couldn't be happier with how this bike rides.” - Tomy

Tomy’s Giga Full Spec

Frame - Nukeproof Giga 297 Large

Fork - Rockshox Zeb Ultimate 180mm (55psi, 3 tokens)

Shock - Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil (400lb spring)

Wheelset - Nukeproof Horizon V2 

Tyres - Front: Maxxis Assegai MaxxGrip DoubleDown (21psi, no insert) Rear: Maxxis Assegai MaxxGrip DH casing (24psi with insert)

Brakes - SRAM Code RSC with SRAM HS2 200mm rotors

Cassette - SRAM GX Eagle 10-52t cassette

Rear mech - SRAM AXS X01

Chainring - Burgtec 32t

Cranks - SRAM X01 Eagle 170mm

Dropper post - BikeYoke Revive 180mm drop 

Saddle - Nukeproof Sam Hill Enduro 

Bar - Burgtec Ride Wide Alloy 30mm rise, 35mm clamp, 730mm wide

Grips - Burgtec Bartender Pro Minnaar Signature

Stem - Burgtec mk.3 Enduro stem, 35mm clamp, 42.5mm reach

Tomy on NYNY trail up Golfie

For more information on Giga stock, or to discuss a custom build, give us a call or drop by our shop in Innerleithen.

01896 831 429


  • Matthew

    Nice looking Giga, what Garmin mount is that? I’ve been looking for something like that for ages without much luck.

  • Tweed Valley Bikes

    Thanks JC!

    Feel free to swing by the shop and check out the bike in person, happy to chat bikes anytime.


  • JC

    Better than most the bike checks on Pinkbike. Looks like a sick set up. Feel like I need to take one of these out for a few laps!

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