The Santa Cruz Bullit returns and this time it’s electric!

The Santa Cruz Bullit returns and this time it’s electric!

All you Santa Cruz fans out there may remember the original Bullit in the late 90s causing a bit of a stir at the time, being the only single pivot bike capable of running a 160mm fork, and blurring the lines between downhill and xc. The Bullit back then was essentially a capable trail bike of it’s time, allowing you to climb to the top but ride those rough downhill tracks back down again. It was seen at downhill races all across the UK until circa 2011 when Santa Cruz eventually dropped it from the range as their newer bikes made their way onto the scene. 

Santa Cruz Bullit

Fast forward to 2021, and the Bullit makes a return to the market, this time in the form of an incredibly capable E-MTB. The modern take on this iconic bike achieves what it’s predecessor set out to do all those years ago - the 170mm of VPP travel matched with a 170mm fork up front makes this bike the ultimate tool for riding lap after lap of your favourite downhill descent. Santa Cruz have really hit this one out of the park! 

Santa Cruz Bullit CC S

The new Bullit comes equipped with Shimano’s new EP8 motor which now delivers 85nm of torque and is paired with the Shimano’s 630wh STEPS battery, in short, the Bullit is more powerful and more efficient, giving you more riding time than ever before. 

Shimano EP8 Motor

The new Bullit comes with the Santa Cruz MX name attached to it, meaning mixed wheel size - a smaller 27.5” on the rear coupled with the larger 29” wheel up front to soak up those bigger hits on the front end. The MX wheel size gives the bike the stable feeling of a 29er, but keeps the handling livelier for when the trails get tighter and steeper. The Bullit is designed to be ridden hard on the steepest and most technical terrain around - both up and downhill. Could this be the ultimate e-bike for riding in the Tweed Valley? We certainly think so. 

Santa Cruz Bullit CC S Copper size Large

The Bullit pictured is in stock in size large, ready to take home today!

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