New Bike Home Delivery Service Now Available!

New Bike Home Delivery Service Now Available!

These days lots of companies offer home delivery options on all kinds of bikes. We all know the feeling of waiting at home, excitedly waiting for a big brown box to turn up at the door. 

Having your new bike turn up at your house is an awesome feeling, but assembly faff, brakes needing a bleed out of the box and suspension setup puzzling can dull the new bike experience.

Here at Tweed Valley Bikes we thought we could do better than that. Come into our store to collect your new bike and it’ll be waiting for you with everything in perfect working order, we then spend around an hour with you setting up anything and everything from bar roll and brake lever angle to suspension sag and saddle position. 

We wanted to bring our shop setup service to as many people as possible, so we bought a van! If you aren’t able to come and visit us here in the Tweed Valley, we can bring the bike to you; fully assembled and checked over by our highly trained mechanics, it’ll be ready to ride from the moment you see it. We will then get you set-up on the bike just as we would if you were in our shop. 

So, if you’re after a new Santa Cruz, Nukeproof or Ibis, but can’t get to our shop, get in touch and we can find the bike that’s right for you and drop it off ready to ride.

Tel. 01896 831429


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