Burgtec Launch Limited Edition Colours

Burgtec Launch Limited Edition Colours

Candy Spruce Green & Black Sapphire

Expanding their extensive range of anodised colours Burgtec have released two new limited edition colours, Candy Spruce Green and Black Sapphire. 

You asked and Burgtec have delivered; Candy Spruce Green, one of the most requested colours has been added to their product range along with Black Sapphire, a purple so deep it appears black until the sun hits it, revealing a rich plum tone, perfect for a stealthy build that’s a little bit different. 

Burgtec Black Sapphire Components

Candy Spruce Green and Black Sapphire is available on Penthouse MK5 pedals, Enduro MK3 35mm clamp stems, Stem Spacers, Top Caps, Top Cap Bolt & chainrings in store here at Tweed Valley Bikes. These colours are very limited in quantity and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Burgtec Candy Spruce Green Chainring

Here at Tweed Valley Bikes & Dirt School we’re big fans of Burgtec components, relying on their sturdy construction and no nonsense performance day in day out. A staff favourite are the Penthouse MK5 pedals; a large platform spreads loads across more of your foot and increases the mechanical advantage of the pins, increasing traction. A concave platform profile allows your foot to ‘sink in’ to the pedal, further increasing traction and keeps your feet locked in place through even the roughest sections. Fully serviceable internals specified with premium quality bearings, seals and materials means the Penthouse MK5s keep running smoothly even after a hard winter in the Scottish slop. 

Burgtec Penthouse MK5 Pedal Black Sapphire

Check out our long term review of the Burgtec Penthouse MK5 pedals HERE. 

If you’re looking to add something special to your bike and make it more of your own whilst also increasing the performance and longevity of your components, come in and check out the limited edition Burgtec colours along with our range of Burgtec parts and accessories. 

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