Burgtec launch the brand new B-Rage Edition Penthouse MK5

Burgtec launch the brand new B-Rage Edition Penthouse MK5

Today, Burgtec launched the brand new B-Rage edition Penthouse pedal, providing riders with a larger platform and even burlier construction while maintaining all of the qualities of the ever popular Penthouse MK5.

Burgtec B-Rage Penthouse MK5 Pedal in Black

A true mountain bikers brand, Burgtec started making their first pedals way back in 2004. Since then, they’ve slowly grown into a much loved and respected UK component manufacturer keeping their range small and quality high.

With a focus on racing and performance improvement running right through their history, they remain as involved at the top of the sport now as ever, with some of the world's fastest riders including Richie Rude, Amary Pierron, Josh Bryceland and Greg Minnaar all racing their equipment and helping to develop future products.

Brage Vestavik riding the new Burgtec B-Rage Edition pedal

The Penthouse has been a Burgtec staple since the very beginning and over the years have evolved into incredibly refined and dependable pedals, with the current MK5 generation adorning all our own bikes here at both Tweed Valley Bikes and Dirt School. Weather sealed, tough and fully serviceable they are a brilliant all round flat pedal that will go the distance under almost any rider. 

Enter Brage Vestavik. A freeride animal, Brage’s edits have quickly become the stuff of legend featuring huge sends and stupendously hard landings. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Burgtec have set about making him a signature pedal which is bigger in every way, in an attempt to somehow manufacture something Viking proof. 

Burgtec B-Rage Edition Penthouse V5 in Rhodium Silver

With a larger platform front to back than the regular MK5 and extra centre pins for the absolute maximum in grip, the B-Rage is built to give huge security and support for sketchy landings and braking bump blasting. Internally, it remains a MK5 pedal, with a steel axle, bearing and double bushing arrangement providing long service life even in the worst conditions. You’re probably not going to see a set of the B-Rage pedals on an XC podium any time soon but if you have big feet, go big, or simply want the ultimate in durability and grip then these might just be for you.

Burgetc B-Rage Penthouse MK5 in Silver

B-rage pedals are now in stock, available online now online or from our high street shop in Innerleithen.

☎️ 01896 831429

📧 shop@tweedvalleybikes.co.uk

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