How To: Carry your speed out of corners

How To: Carry your speed out of corners

Although buying new bike gear is great, knowing how to use it to its full potential is even better!

This week our Dirt School coaches look at how you carry your speed out of supported corners, also known as berms. Corners are a place where you can either make or lose time to your mates, or, to other riders at races – getting this right essentially creates free speed on the trail.  

Dirt School Coach Andy Barlow can Teach You How to Corner an MTB

  1. Approach the corner in your neutral riding position 
  2. Slow down to the appropriate speed before entering the berm as you want to avoid braking in the corner
  3. Look for a clean, consistent line that follows the berm for as long as possible.
  4. As you enter the berm, get close to your bike with bent elbows and knees, remembering to keep your pedals level.
  5. Gradually extend your legs as you ride through the corner, returning to your neutral body position with straight legs as you exit.

Getting the timing right for the ‘push’ through the corner may take a bit of practice to get right. The longer the berm is, the slower your movement should be, whereas, the shorter and sharper the corner, the quicker the movement. When you get the timing right, you should feel yourself accelerate as you exit the turn.

Top Tips

It may seem obvious but look where you’re going, not at your front wheel! Your movement on the bike should be led by your head and your body will follow. Your head and chest should always be facing the direction of travel.  

If you feel like the corner is getting tighter, or your bike is close to going over the edge of the berm, it’s worth taking a look at the line you’re riding. Remember you’re looking for a smooth line with a consistent camber to push against the entire way through the turn.

Riding with a friend or family member and filming each other is a great way to review your own performance and see where you’re going right or wrong. Download our FREE Dirt School app for iPhone via the App Store and compare your own videos to our demos – or - come and see us for a session this summer!

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    It’s always good to refresh ourselves in understanding the basic components of skills such as cornering. Especially when Many will be experiencing MTB skill fade.

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    Best coaching company in the UK

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