I9 introduce the new SOLiX M Hub and Wheelsets

Industry 9 SOLiX TR wheel set at Tweed Valley Bikes

Following the SOLiX G and SOLiX SL releases, the SOLiX M adds super fast engagement and reduced weight and drag to their lightest mountain bike options, giving XC racers and trail riders a new flagship wheel to lust after.  

Stunning to look at and ultra fast engaging, Industry Nine hubs are well established here,  having featured on Santa Cruz bikes and Reserve wheels we have ridden here at Tweed Valley Bikes and Dirt School for years now. Almost like an American version of Hope, they handbuild everything they make in North Carolina to the highest standards catering purely to real enthusiasts.

The new hubs use a 5 pawl system, with phased engagement to create a staggering 605 points of engagement per rotation, or just 0.59’. Built from tool steel for maximum durability, the pawls also now use a lighter spring and refined drive ring to reduce drag and noise. 

I9 Hub detail

Elsewhere, the hub features improved weather sealing with full contact seals at each end to keep out as much of the water and mud as possible, drivetrain forces are now better balanced across the hub shell and a redesigned preload mechanism looks to further improve bearing life. 

Available in a huge range of colours, the SOLiX M hubs can be bought either as 24 hole J-Bend hubs to pair with your favourite rim or as full system wheels. The full wheelsets split into two different camps, either UL (ultralight wheels) for XC and Marathon builds, or the tougher TR (trail) version for bikes up to 140mm travel. Both builds can come with either alloy or carbon rims and all make use of Industry Nine's unique hub and spoke interface.

SOLiX hub spoke and hub interface

Using a direct thread, one piece alloy spoke which threads directly into the hub their system removes the J-Bend, eliminates seizing issues, saves weight and adds stiffness to the overall wheel while still being tougher than a regular spoke and nipple. Add to that custom colour options for hub and individual spokes and there is the option to create truly one of a kind wheelsets matched to any individual bike. 

Industry Nine spoke detail

Key stats for each full SOLiX M system wheelset are:

SOLiX M UL Alloy:      24 spoke 25mm inner rim width   1425 grams.  £1450

SOLiX M UL Carbon:  24 spoke 30mm inner rim width   1385 grams.  £2590

SOLiX M TR Alloy:      24 spoke 28mm inner rim width   1535 grams.  £1450

SOLiX M TR Carbon:  24 spoke 30mm inner rim width   1425 grams   £2595

Industry Nine SOLiX M TR rim decal


With the carbon versions including a lifetime rim warranty and all of the sets combining good internal widths with exceptionally light overall wheel weights, these have the potential to really upgrade any lighter bike in one of the places that really counts. 

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