Innes Graham's Nukeproof Giga 297: Bike Check

Innes Graham Bikes Check Nukeproof Giga RS EWS 2022

Innes had a fantastic opening round of the 2022 Enduro World Series season, with a third place finish against some of the biggest names in the sport here in the Tweed Valley. His Nukeproof Giga RS 297 has remained very close to stock, but features some choice modifications and personal touches throughout to make it ready to tackle the EWS. Let’s dive into Innes’ bike and setup.

Innes Graham Bike Check Nukeproof Giga RS Burgtec Cockpit

Innes is 178cm and runs a medium frame with a 455mm reach, finding the smaller frame size gives him more manoeuvrability and control over the bike. The mixed wheel setup balances confidence at speed with agility, while the 180mm of suspension travel front and rear iron out the trail features.

Innes Graham Bike Check Nukeproof Giga RS EWS 2022 Rock Shox Zeb

Onto the suspension, Innes runs his Rockshox Zeb Ultimate at 49psi with 3 tokens, compression is fully open with the rebound almost open at 11 clicks from closed, this lets the fork move as quickly as possible to follow the trail contours.

Innes Graham Bike Check Nukeproof Giga RS Rock Shox Super Deluxe Coil

The Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil is fitted with a 400lb spring, this time with both compression and rebound circuits left fully open. Innes runs his Giga in the more linear of the 2 suspension settings.

Innes Graham Bike Check EWS Bar Width

Up at the cockpit it’s an all Burgtec affair. A 42.5mm stem holds their carbon Enduro handlebar, with 30mm rise and cut to 720mm. Little touches, such as the grip tape on the brake levers and the quick link taped to the bar show that Innes gives as much thought to his bike setup as he does to his riding.

Innes Graham Bike Check Nukeproof Giga Bar and Stem 2022 EWS

SRAM Code RSC brakes are on stopping duties with 200mm centreline discs front and back. For maximum power and consistency, Innes uses sintered pads front and back. 

Innes Graham Bike Check Nukeproof Giga RS AXS 2022 EWS

SRAM X01 AXS gearing keeps the cockpit clutter free, the 10-52t cassette is spun by a Burgtec 32t chainring. 

Innes Graham Bike Check Nukeproof Giga RS EWS 2022 Burgtec Chain Ring

Nukeproof Horizon V2 wheels are wrapped with Maxxis Assegai tyres, 2.5 inches wide and in the softest MaxxGrip rubber compound to give as much traction as possible. A DoubleDown casing up front and DH casing out back give Innes plenty of puncture protection and support, with the rear wheel also sporting a Vittoria airliner to give the tyre more support under hard cornering loads and to give some extra puncture prevention. 

 Tyre pressures are 21psi in the front and 25psi in the rear.  

Innes Graham Bike Check 2022 EWS Nukeproof Giga RS

A BikeYoke Revive seatpost with 213mm of drop gets the saddle low and out of the way for descending while still getting Innes to his comfortable pedalling height. A SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger fits snugly under the saddle, out of the way until it’s needed.

Innes Graham Bike Check Nukeproof Giga RS One Up Components EWS 2022

A OneUp EDC pump and tool are ready for any mid-stage mechanicals and a tube is strapped to the frame, just in case.

Innes Graham Bike Check Nukeproof Giga RS Chain Connect Sram

The Mudhugger front mudguard is a permanent fixture here in Scotland, helping to keep Innes’ vision clear over the stages. 

It’s been a long road of cockpit tweaks, suspension testing and minor modifications, but everything has come together into a bike Innes is comfortable on and is confident pushing hard between the tape. Keep your eyes on the upcoming rounds of the EWS to see how he gets on out of the Tweed Valley.

With a race ready spec and proven geometry the Giga RS is a seriously capable bike, we have various sizes and specs of Giga in stock. Call now or pop in to our shop to have a look for yourself. 

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