Introducing 7mesh

Introducing 7mesh

Based in Squamish, British Columbia, a place renowned for tough trails and tougher weather, 7mesh is a company at the cutting edge of performance oriented technical bike clothing. Well established in Canada, quickly gaining a dedicated following around the rest of the world, and now supporting our Dirt School team we thought it would be a good time to ask, Who Are 7mesh?

To take the story right back to the start, 7mesh really began whilst the founding members; Tyler, Calum and Ian, were working at Arc’teryx as the CEO, Director of Supply Chain and Design Director respectively. Determined to innovate technical ridewear in what they saw as a stagnant marketplace, they founded 7mesh in 2013 to bring fresh thinking to MTB clothing with an iterative design process, in-house prototyping and a single minded approach to quality and longevity.

7Mesh tag on a Sight short sleeve jersey

What’s in a name? Well for 7mesh, quite a lot. Paying homage to the indigenous peoples of BC, the company name is derived from the final five characters of the hometown name when written in Canadian First Nations languages, Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh. This is a tiny part of the recognition that 7mesh are paying to the First Nation residents of the land. As a company they are striving to open up the outdoors to everyone, particularly through their partnership with the Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program by providing funds and gear to riders and trail builders, as well as shining a light on the organisation and the work they do.

Now at 10 years old with a totally in-house product development process, 7mesh can design and prototype garments under one roof, making changes between iterations to fine tune fit and material selection to create the most functional apparel possible, fit for purpose and built to last. 

Andy, Fi and Paul from Dirtschool wearing 7Mesh kit

It’s not just the best design practices and materials that set 7mesh apart however, a lifetime guarantee on all their products illustrates their confidence in everything they put out, and an in-house repair service extends the useful life of things like Gore-Tex jackets, shorts and pants. If you crash in your new 7mesh piece in the first 30 days, this repair service is free, otherwise it’s a small charge for repairs carried out by 7mesh, including postage back to you. 

Reducing the environmental impact of their products is a huge area of focus for 7mesh, with this being a driving force behind their repair programme and designing clothing that is built to last. Extending their repair programme out from their HQ in Squamish to qualified outdoor gear repair centres in Europe, the UK and US reduces time without kit for riders and reduces the environmental cost of shipping kit to be repaired around the world. They’ve also made a commitment to use only materials that are recycled and recyclable in all of their packaging by 2025.

Andy from Dirt School riding in 7Mesh kit in Innerleithen

Our team of Dirt School coaches are now supported by 7mesh and have been putting the kit to the test through everything from blazing sunshine to torrential rain, all within the last few months of the Scottish ‘summer’. With such similarities between the weather in British Columbia and the Tweed Valley we knew the kit would perform exceptionally well when it came to standing up to wet weather and muddy trails, what came as more of a surprise was the fit and finish of the clothing. Having now spent a few months in 7mesh kit we can confidently say that this is some of the best fitting, most comfortable and highest performance biking kit we’ve used. 

Their iterative design process means every aspect of each garment in the 7mesh range has been through countless revisions and changes in fabric pattern, material selection and placement before even making it to the testing phase. Evident in every piece, the Glidepath pant is a standout for this design process; from the hand pocket placement which perfectly holds in place a mobile phone or other essentials over the roughest trails without the need for a zip, to the simple and excellently executed waist adjustment system and the zipped thigh pockets which keep everything out of the way while you pedal and makes the pocket feel very similar whether empty or full. 

Pocket on 7Mesh Glidepath pant

Simple garments like jerseys just fit incredibly well, with no flapping fabric or rub spots when riding for hours with a heavy pack. Lightweight jackets incorporate a stuff pocket with elasticated straps so the jacket can be stowed on the bike when not in use and the wet weather performance of the rain jackets is fantastic. 

We’ve also had a few opportunities to test the robustness of the kit with a few unplanned dismounts putting our new 7mesh jerseys, pants and jackets into the dirt, each time coming away unscathed and leaving us impressed with how well it all stands up to the wear and tear of day to day riding.

Andy riding in 7Mesh kit in Innerleithen

We have a great selection of 7mesh in stock, with everything from long and short sleeved jerseys, riding pants and shorts to packable waterproof jackets, socks and accessories. Come in, try some on and upgrade your riding wardrobe, you won’t want to ride in anything else!

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