Orange Bikes Return to the Tweed Valley

Orange Stage 6 Evo

What better way to kick off the summer than with a new bike brand? Here at Tweed Valley Bikes, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be offering Orange Bikes for sale and demo from our little shop at the heart of the trails for 2022 and beyond. 

Few bike companies can claim that their frames are 100% made in house, Orange is one such company and have been making highly regarded mountain bikes in their Halifax factory since 1988. With an eye for detail and a reputation for building robust, efficient and capable bikes, Orange are a natural fit with what’s important to us, and after a few test rides amongst the team on some of their latest bikes, we’re smitten with the performance and ride feel they produce on the trail. 

Orange Switch 6

Orange Made in the UK

To complement the high quality ride, every full suspension Orange frame is built, by hand in the UK, to incredibly high standards. Each frame component is checked for alignment at least 4 times during the construction process, before a final alignment check when the frame is fully welded together. Compare this with other brands that only check, and correct, the frames once everything is welded up and it’s easy to see why Oranges are so highly regarded by those in the know. Having a perfectly straight frame means the suspension is free from twisting forces so it can move through its travel as smoothly as possible, it also means wear items like hub and frame bearings get a longer service life before needing to be replaced. 

Orange Switch 6

To say an Orange bike is instantly recognisable is an understatement, the classic single pivot frames have become iconic ever since the release of the Mr XC back in 2002, and have been developed over countless iterations since then giving us the highly capable enduro and trail bikes we see today.

Orange Stage 6 Evo in Innerleithen

Never one to rest on their laurels, Orange have fully embraced modern, progressive geometry in the constant search for speed and control. Their new line of EVO geometry bikes use long front and rear centres to give incredible stability, combined with a slack head angle for confident descending and a steep seat tube for comfortable seated climbing. All this adds up to bikes that immediately breed a confident and assertive body position from anyone who rides them. 

Orange Stage 6 Evo Innerleithen

Our team have been test riding the Stage 6 EVO and Switch 6 for the past couple of months and have all found both bikes to be incredibly confidence inspiring on everything from technical Golfie trails to high speed Lakeland Bridleways.

Orange Switch 6 Riding in Innerleithen

We couldn’t be more excited to be carrying Orange bikes and look forward to bringing their fantastic ride to the Tweed Valley. 

If you'd like to try one out for yourself, give us a call on 01896 831429 or send us a message to book a demo.

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