Santa Cruz Launch the New Tallboy

Tallboy v5 Gloss Blue

For 2022, the short travel bike with a big bike personality, the Santa Cruz Tallboy, receives an update and remains the go-to for riders who push just as hard on the ups as they do on the downs. Billed as the gravity rider’s XC bike, the Tallboy is happy dropping the hammer on your after work power hour but is also comfortable enough for long days traversing from hilltop to hilltop, taking in the best trails along the way. 

The silhouette remains characteristically Santa Cruz, but a number of updates improve both the ride and the functionality of the new Tallboy.

Elliot Jackson Santa Cruz Tallboy

First, and most obvious, is the Glovebox down tube storage. Enough room to store puncture repair essentials means you can ride pack-less but still be prepared on shorter rides. The Tool Wallet and Tube Purse keeps everything together and rattle free, so you only know it’s there when you need it.

Santa Cruz Tallboy Glovebox

Size specific chain stay lengths and carbon layups give the new Tallboy a consistent ride feel across all sizes. So whether you’re an XS or XXL, the new Tallboy will give you the same feedback from the trail as you roll from edge to edge. Working with this are size specific front triangles matching the lengthening chain stays. As the chain stays grow with the size increases, the seat tube steepens slightly giving a comfortable seated position for every size of rider. 

This fifth iteration of the Tallboy retains its 120mm of rear wheel travel and 130mm fork but sees a few tweaks to the rear suspension. A reduced overall progression of the rear suspension allows the bike to sit up higher in its travel, giving a ride that is more controlled deeper in the stroke and responsive and snappy off the top. 

Santa Cruz Tallboy Rear Suspension

The anti-squat and anti-rise figures have also been updated for the new Tallboy. With a reduction in both, the new Tallboy sees an improved decoupling of the chain’s forces on the rear suspension. This means the rear suspension can move more freely through its travel while you’re powering up that technical climb, giving you more traction to clean tough sections. Anti-rise has also been lowered, giving the new Tallboy extra control when you’re hard on the brakes.

A relatively slack head angle of 65.5 brings a surprisingly deft touch when the trails get more technical, the Tallboy rides with more composure across rough terrain than you might first think for a bike with these travel figures. 

Santa Cruz Tallboy Matte Taupe

Built to Santa Cruz’s incredible standards and coming with lifetime warranty on the frame, frame bearings and (where specified) Reserve wheels, the Tallboy is built to last a lifetime.

The new Tallboy is the bike of choice for riders who spend their weekdays blasting around Glentress and their weekends searching for the best remote single track, hours from home.

Get in touch for more information on available bikes on 01896 831 429 or

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