TVB-Tech becomes the Official UK Lefty and Headshok Service Centre for Cannondale

Ady at Cannondale Europe with the Left Ocho fork

After recently forming a retail partnership with Cannondale Bikes, we’re excited to announce that our suspension arm TVB-Tech is now the official Lefty and Headshok service and warranty centre for the UK. We’re proud to be able to elevate our level of service to TVB riders once again by being on hand for all your Cannondale servicing needs, and backing up their suspension products in house should anything out of the ordinary happen.

Servicing the Cannondale Lefty Ocho at TVB Tech

An iconic and incredibly recognisable design, the Cannondale Lefty has been around for over 20 years now since its original inception way back in 1999. The history is likely unknown to most, but the Lefty was actually originally born from the Downhill World Cup winning Moto DH 120. A Cannondale dual crown fork, it was designed to run on keyed stanchions and needle bearings to solve the binding issues prevalent then, but at a sizable weight penalty. It worked incredibly well but was too heavy for use outside of downhill racing.

Realising that the Moto 120 was massively overbuilt, Cannondale had the simple yet genius idea of simply removing half the structure while retaining the keyed stanchion interface and needle bearings to produce a light, stiff and strong fork that they would then continuously evolve and refine for the next twenty years.

Cannondale Lefty Ocho service

Since that first iteration, the Lefty has seen many revisions and firsts in fork technology, from moulded Carbon sections to electronic lockouts and forged parts. The current Lefty Ocho is the most advanced version ever, bringing Lefty into the single crown world for the first time. It’s upside down orientation lowers unsprung mass, keeps seals lubricated and is as visually distinctive a fork as you could ride. Still using a keyed telescoping design and running on precision needle bearings inside the fork leg for stiff and stiction free action, it is one of the lightest 120mm forks in the world at just 1550 grams. It may not look much like a Fox 34 or a RockShox SID but it can absolutely go toe to toe with either. 

Servicing the Lefty Ocho at TVB Tech

This unique way of designing and building a fork does unsurprisingly require a different way of servicing alongside in depth training, and that’s where TVB-Tech comes in. As part of the training process, Ady, our Head Technician, spent a week at the Cannondale European Service Centre spending time both riding the Lefty fork and going through a deep dive into servicing and tuning. Hosted by none other than the legendary ‘Lefty Larry’, one of the original project engineers with over 20 years experience behind him, it would be hard to find a better trainer to bring Ady up to speed.

From Monday 1st July, we’ll be offering all servicing and warranty from our base in the Tweed Valley, covering everything from the most commonly required routine Telescope service, to rebuilding dampers, inspecting and diagnosing issues and much more.

Servicing the Lefty Ocho at Cannondale Europe

As both a Cannondale retailer and suspension service centre, we’re delighted to be able to combine our strengths and take on the mantle of the UK Lefty and Headshok service and warranty centre.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Lefty’s, or are looking for support on servicing yours, be sure to get in touch with us today. We even have a Lefty Ocho in store at TVB to check out on the brand new Scalpel, and trust us, it’s definitely worth a look!

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