TVB Welcomes Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale Moterra SL2 in Tiger Shark at Tweed Valley Bikes

We’re proud to announce we’re now partnering with Cannondale bikes to offer you access to their extensive mountain bike and e-mtb range here in Innerleithen. One of the original mountain bike brands, they are also one of the most innovative, making a distinctive and high performance range of bikes covering every discipline out there.

Founded in 1971, Cannondale have a history in mountain biking stretching back almost as far as the start of the sport itself and have been at the forefront of innovation ever since. From likely the first ever CAD designed bike with the 2.8, to the first external bottom bracket, they have a legacy of being willing to push outside the accepted norms in the pursuit of improved performance. 

Lefty Ocho fork on Scalpel 2

Over the years they’ve produced some truly iconic mountain models, such as the Scalpel which used carbon flex stays to produce a 63mm travel bike with no pivots way back in 2002. More recently their Jekyll was one of the bikes that helped to create enduro bikes as we know them, with travel able to be adjusted on the fly and geometry not far from a modern bike.

Over in the world of drop bar bikes they are perhaps even more renowned with bikes like the Super Six Evo and Synapse among the all time classics of their disciplines, while the Topstone is rapidly establishing itself as one of the best gravel race bikes out there.

Left Ocho fork on Cannonade Scalpel 2

That drive and willingness to push boundaries continues to this day, with their latest Lefty fork racking up world cup wins aboard the new Scalpel, while the brand new Moterra SL looks like it might well shake up the entire light E-Bike category, bringing a level of power and range not seen on SL bikes before. With a huge range covering everything from kids bikes and commuters to high end racing across the spectrum, no matter what kind of riding you’re into, it’s very likely that Cannondale will make a bike to fit what you’re after.

We’ve just built our first bikes for the shop floor and are really looking forward to showing some of the most innovative bikes out there right now. The Moterra SL is perhaps the bike we’re most excited about. With a head angle adjustable between 62.5’ and 63.8’ and a 30mm BB drop, it has geometry close to that of a DH race bike, while the 160mm / 150mm travel split should hit the sweet spot for our local riding. 

Moterra SL 2 in Innerleithen

The real headline figures are the weight and power however. At 19.5 kg it’s almost the same weight as many of the SL style E-Bikes out there but Cannondale have somehow managed to achieve that weight while squeezing in a full power 85 Nm Shimano EP801 motor and high density 600W battery. Up till now it’s always been a choice between either a more agile bike or power and range but the Moterra SL looks set to throw that rule book in the bin. It’s an exciting prospect. 

The Scalpel 2 is a totally modern XC bike, able to take on everything from flat out crit racing to quick after work laps and long epics in the hills. At a versatile 120mm travel, it pairs the reach and head angle of a trail bike with an incredibly light overall weight to create a bike that will climb and traverse at tremendous speed while still being an absolute blast to ride on the descents. 

Cannondale Scapel 2 Lefty in Smoke Black

We’ll also be stocking the Moterra LT Carbon models. A full bore, full power E-Bike, the Moterra LT Carbon 2 combines a Bosch CX motor and 750W battery with 165mm of travel, coil shock and XT drivetrain to produce a bike that can take on pretty much anything, and currently on sale at just £5800 it won’t break the bank either. 

Cannondale Moterra LT in Matte Black

Curious to have a look? Come by and check them out in person or get in touch for availability if you’ve got a model in mind.

☎️ 01896 831429


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