Understanding the One Up EDC Tool

One Up Components EDC Tool at Tweed Valley Bikes

 As Guides and Coaches with Dirtschool and Tweed Valley Guides it has always been very important to carry all the tools that we require for trail side emergencies.

When we are not out showing customers around the Tweed Valley we like nothing more than heading out into the less explored areas of our backyard and finding some new ways of linking this amazing valley together too. The last thing we want is a mechanical problem and don't have the tool with us to fix the problem. And we want to travel light and fast too!

This is where ‘OneUp’ has a great solution, ensuring all your tools are stored on your bike at all times. This has been a very popular tool for a lot of the Enduro World Series riders who require the best equipment with easy access. Now we bring ‘OneUp’ to the Tweed Valley, so you are able to repair a flat tubeless tyre down ‘Matador’ in between Uplift runs or fix a broken chain at the top of the Golfie with ease.

The EDC (Every Day Carry) is like carrying a mini workshop with you on your bike - from a 2mm allen key, spoke key and even a spare chainring bolt. So no need to set off on your favourite Trail Ride and wonder if you have remembered to pack your multi-tool or tyre levers.

We stock two options for you to carry your EDC Tool.

First up you need the EDC Tool which is Sold Separately

Then choose your carry option

Option 1

OneUp EDC Pump - 100c

One Up Components EDC tool at Tweed Valley Bikes

This is a really simple way of carrying the EDC as the tool slots into the pump which incorporates a storage compartment. Matched up with either a CO2 cartridge or the OneUp EDC Plug and Plier you will be able to fix the majority of Tyre issues trail side. The OneUp pump is great itself as it has been designed specifically to work with MTB tyres, allowing you to get back on the trail as quickly as possible.

Option 2

OneUp Top Cap

One Up Components EDC Tool at Tweed Valley Bikes

The second option is installing the OneUp EDC Top Cap. The top cap is threaded into the steerer tube of your fork and the EDC is stored inside the steerer, allowing quick and easy access to the tool. OneUp offers various colours of the Top Cap so you can customise your install to match your favourite components. This is the most popular option for riders to store the EDC tool.

This is a must-have tool, from Gravel bike to E-Bike. It also allows you to ditch your main back pack and go lighter with a Camelback Podium Flow Belt, not worrying about filling it with tools I can now fill it with my favourite Trail Side snacks in between laps at the Golfie.

Tweed Valley Bikes offer free fitting on the EDC when you purchase the OneUp EDC Tool and Top Cap from us. If you already have the tool and want to pop in to work out a storage solution, whether that is in the steerer tube or the OneUp EDC Pump we will happily show you the options.

(EDC Sold Separately)

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