Santa Cruz Launch the New Hightower

Santa Cruz Hightower CC

Today marks the release of the newly updated Santa Cruz Hightower, a bike loved by many for its easy going nature and all-terrain intentions. Not a bike to be pigeon-holed into one style of riding, the Hightower has always been a bike that defies categorisation. Equally at home on all day rides up, down and around the hill as it is pedalling up the Golfie riding enduro trails. The Hightower is the quintessential mountain bike, simply updated to offer an even better ride than the previous version.

Santa Cruz Hightower CC 2023

What’s new with the Hightower?

The new Hightower has had its head angle slackened out slightly; now at 64.5° in the Low setting, from 65.2° on the previous iteration, the Hightower still retains that comfortable fit that’s made it such a hit with riders on all types of terrain. This new iteration also sees an increase in stack height, around 10mm per size, to account for modern handlebar setups. 29” wheels paired with 145mm of rear wheel travel and 150mm fork means the Hightower has enough travel to deal with any trail obstacles but is still engaging to ride all day or on smoother terrain. 

Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower CC Side Shot

Size specific frame stiffness means that every frame size gets the same ride quality. Each front triangle size gets a tailored flex/stiffness characteristic to ensure that no matter if you are a size Small or Extra Large, the ride quality is the same. This feature is used on both the CC and C frames. To complement this, the Hightower gets size specific chainstay lengths to further ensure a consistent ride feel across all sizes in the range. Speaking of sizing, the Hightower is available in Small all the way through to XX-Large, with reach figures from 430mm to 520mm, so no matter your proportions, there’s a Hightower for you.

Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower Glove Box

Santa Cruz’s integrated tool/snack storage, the Glovebox, makes carrying tools, tubes and snacks easier than ever. The Tool Wallet and Tube Purse keep everything internally organised and quiet so you can forget about them until you need them, all finished off with Santa Cruz’s high quality fit and finish. 

Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower Sag Indicator Window 2023

Santa Cruz know that getting the right suspension setup is key to getting the most out of your bike, that’s why the new Hightower features an integrated sag window allowing you to easily see at a glance your sag setting, making setup changes easier. Not only this, but the new Hightower’s leverage curve has been smoothed out from the previous version. Still a progressive design, the smoothed out suspension curve gives a more consistent feel throughout the travel, making setup simpler and giving a more supportive ride all the way through the travel.

Santa Cruz Bicyles Hightower

The new Hightower is available in Aluminium, Carbon C and Carbon CC frames, all built to Santa Cruz’s legendary high quality. As with all Santa Cruz frames, the new Hightower comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and bearings.

Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower CC exploded view 2023

If your riding can’t be summed up into one genre, the new Hightower could be for you. Stock is due to arrive soon but as with all things in the mountain bike world at the moment, is looking to be fairly limited so get in touch and we’ll do our best to get your dream bike for you. If the bike you’re after isn’t in stock with us, we’ll always do our best to find it for you, give us a call on 01896 831 429 and we’ll do the rest.

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