Maxxis 29 x 2.5 DHF Folding TR Maxx Terra Tyre at Tweed Valley Bikes

Maxxis Minion DHF 29" Tyre

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The benchmark that all other descending focused tyres are measured against, the Minion DHF celebrated its 20th birthday in 2021 and is still the go to front tyre for countless riders. Providing fantastic cornering traction and predictable handling in mixed terrain, the DHF really shines when the trails are dry/damp and a touch loose. Pair with the Minion DHRII on the back for easy, confidence inspiring traction.



  • EXO 

    EXO is the lightweight Trail sidewall from Maxxis and uses a cut and tear resistant fabric insert along the bead to reinforce the tyre to give good puncture protection without adding too much weight. This makes EXO an excellent choice for Trail riding or lighter Enduro riders.

  • EXO+ 

    The EXO+ sidewall is a step-up in puncture protection from the EXO, but not as protective as the heavier DoubleDown casing. Giving a good balance between weight and rigidity it’s a popular choice for Trail and Enduro Riders.

  • Double Down 

    DoubleDown is Maxxis’ heavy duty sidewall for heavy duty Enduro and DH application. The only casing tougher is the wire bead DH casing. DoubleDown is a 2 ply construction with a bead insert giving incredible stability and support, allowing riders to run lower pressures without risking puncture. 



  • MaxxGrip 

    MaxxGrip is Maxxis’ softest, tackiest rubber compound set and as the name suggests, provides the maximum amount of grip. However, a soft, grippier, tyre typically won’t last as long as something with a slightly harder compound. 

  • MaxxTerra 

    Maxxis’ MaxxTerra compound set gives a good blend between longevity and traction. While not as soft as the full traction but fast wearing MaxxGrip, a MaxxTerra tyre will last longer and roll slightly faster while still providing good levels of traction. 

  • Dual Compound 

    Dual Compound Maxxis tyres use a harder rubber than is found on their 3C offerings (MaxxTerra and MaxxGrip). This translates as a longer usable lifespan for the tyre as well as faster rolling speed. However, a harder rubber compound also means less available traction meaning Dual Compound tyres are most commonly seen on the rear wheel.

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