7Mesh Glidepath Pant Long Term Review

7Mesh Glidepath Pant Long Term Review

The marketplace for lightweight, stretchy, durable bike trousers is a crowded one, and as Guides and Coaches in Scotland’s Tweed Valley we’ve put a lot of options to the test in some tough conditions. In 2023 Dirt School became supported by 7Mesh, and since then we’ve been out on the hill almost every day come rain or shine. That’s given us a huge amount of cumulative trail time in what is now our favourite set of pants to date, the 7Mesh Glidepath. 

Andy coaching for Dirt School in 7Mesh Glidepath pants

Glidepath Construction and Features

Using a lightweight, four-way stretch, loop backed fabric gives the Glidepath a soft feel against the skin and excellent freedom of movement. Cleverly cut patterns mean there is space to easily fit knee pads under the double layer reinforced knee panel without any excess material flapping in the wind, while an articulated cut at the knee prevents any unwanted movement during pedalling efforts.

Easy to use waist adjusters on the Glidepaths

Locking waist adjusters make getting the perfect fit a very simple affair and give a wide range of adjustment, even creating a small amount of overlap between sizes. These stay locked in tight during riding and have remained firmly in place since we first set them, requiring no retightening. If belts are more your style, then there are belt loops around the waist too.

Zipped and open pockets on the Glidepaths

There are a total of four pockets on the trouser, two zipped and two open. The zipped pockets hold items close to your thigh, making them great for carrying bulkier items as the weight and size doesn’t push against your legs as you pedal. Perfectly placed open hand pockets keep anything inside secure and easily accessible, we’ve even been keeping our phones in these with no worries about anything making a surprise appearance halfway down a trail. It’s a small detail, but having an open pocket you can reliably keep a phone inside makes on trail navigation, or quick photo stops that bit easier and simpler. 

Tom at Innerleithen in his Glidepaths

Overall, the Glidepath has a premium and minimalist feel to it. From the subtle branding, trim cut and well thought out features, it’s clear everything on these pants is there because it adds to the user experience. Backed by their lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship, as well as a repairs programme, 7Mesh stands behind their product as something to be used, which gives us more confidence when putting them through some of the toughest conditions Scotland can throw at us.  

On-trail Performance

Fi riding at the Golfie in her Glidepaths

From the first pedal stroke, it was clear these were going to be comfortable to pedal in, the fit is secure with no hotspots of pressure around the waist. The knee articulation really works too, meaning they stay locked in place throughout the ride, as well as making the pants feel very easy to move in with or without pads.

A long inseam gives the trouser plenty of length and a close fitting, elasticated hem gives a decent amount of natural adjustment to the leg length, meaning riders of different heights in the same size can both have a good fit. The DWR finish and lightweight material ensures they don’t absorb too much water and when coupled with the close cut, means they stay in place even when it’s truly filthy out.

Elasticated cuff on the 7Mesh Glidepaths

We’ve found the Glidepaths to be incredibly versatile, putting them through a tough life of everything from long rides through the muck and the mire, to baking hot, dusty laps. Their light and impressively breathable nature makes them a great choice for summer riding and they’ve stood up incredibly well to the grit and dirt of winter conditions. After countless muddy rides, cycles through the washing machine and even a few unplanned, mid-trail dismounts all our sets are still looking as fresh as ever with no rips, tears or issues throughout the team. 

Ady riding in his Glidepaths

The bottom line is that in a crowded wardrobe of riding kit, we keep reaching for these over everything else. As we’ve come to expect from 7Mesh, they’re comfy to ride in, have some excellent features, work well in a wide range of conditions and look great while doing it. If you’re in the market for a new pair of riding pants, pop along to our shop in Innerleithen and try on a pair for yourself. 

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