Santa Cruz Launch the All New Updated Heckler!

Santa Cruz Heckler 2022

Today, Santa Cruz Bicycles are proud to launch the all new updated Heckler E-MTB - an incredible enhanced version of their very first E-MTB brought to the market early in 2020, but this time with a whopping 720Wh battery and 29” / Mixed wheel options. The Heckler is all about maximising your ride time, allowing you to go further and higher than ever before - it’s built not to make things easy, but to make far flung remote rides and big mileage days up the Golfie possible, and even more enjoyable.

Danny MacAskill Heckler Skye

We’re pleased to see that Santa Cruz have continued to spec the Shimano EP8 motor on this model; Shimano are at the leading edge when it comes to E-MTB technology. We’re very familiar with the EP8 motor system now, rating it highly and remaining reassured that on the odd occasion a problem does occur, Shimano have the support in place to make sure riders are well looked after. To top it off, it really packs a punch with 85Nm of torque on tap! The all new 720Wh battery is also removable with a 4mm allen key for easy battery swaps if you want to push the limits of how far you can go even further, or for charging off the bike.

Shimano EP8 motor Santa Cruz Heckler

The new Heckler offers a choice between 29” and a mixed wheel set up, paired with 150mm of rear travel and a slightly longer 160mm fork up front - making it the go to E-MTB for all round riding. In our opinion, the MX wheel option is the way to go if you’re looking for something that makes tight corners feel easier, and snappy playful handling. On the Golfie’s steepest, tightest trails, MX is incredibly useful to counterbalance the additional weight an E-MTB brings with it, making it easier to handle in technical terrain. However, it’s awesome to see Santa Cruz offering a 29” wheel version for riders who’re more interested in stability when going flat out on faster trails, or for those taller XL/XXL riders out there. Now with coil compatibility and the addition of a flip chip, the Heckler can be set up perfectly for any rider, on any trail. 

Santa Cruz Heckler VPP

It’s worth noting that the Small frames are specced with 27.5” wheels at both ends, keeping the bike as manoeuvrable as possible for the smaller riders out there.

Santa Cruz Heckler E-MTB Head Unit

Available in five specifications, there’s something on offer for all riding styles and preferences across a range of budgets. Starting at £6999, the Heckler may not be the cheapest E-MTB on the market, but you can guarantee it’s worth every penny with Santa Cruz’s legendary build quality and rider support, making it a formidable partner in crime for all day epics, or power hours after work. 

Santa Cruz Heckler Maritime Grey CC XO1 AXS RSV

Could this be the E-MTB of the year? We certainly think so. We’ll be well stocked with size and spec options when the bikes arrive in the UK, so give us a call to put your name on the reserved list for delivery in April 2022.

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