The New Santa Cruz 5010 is Here!

Santa Cruz 5010 Gloss Red

Santa Cruz’s fun loving trail bike, the 5010, has been updated for 2022. If you measure your rides not by how fast you get down the hill, but by how big your grin is at the bottom, then the 5010 is the bike for you. 

This new version of the 5010 has been designed around MX wheels. 29” at the front generates more traction and rollover ability, the smaller 27.5”rear wheel provides that familiar sharp and snappy ride, a quality that has given the 5010 such a close following of riders who are looking to turn every trail bump and undulation into an opportunity to get airborne. 

Santa Cruz 5010 Gloss Red

To ease the setup of the 5010’s 130mm of rear wheel travel, a sag window has been added to the non-drive side of the shock tunnel. A quick look is now all it takes to double check your sag. A revised leverage curve over the previous 5010 also aids suspension setup. The new, smoothly progressive, suspension curve gives a predictable ride feel with plenty of bottom out resistance while also being eager to use the travel available, making the new 5010 ride with more composure than its suspension travel numbers might suggest.

5010 Sag Window

Integrated frame storage in the form of Santa Cruz’s Glovebox system gives plenty of space for your spare tube and tools, with plenty of room left over for other essentials like a jacket or trail snacks. 

To give a consistent ride feel across all sizes, the new 5010 features size specific chain-stays and size specific frame stiffness. By using proportionally longer chain-stays as the sizes increase, Santa Cruz can ensure that the 5010 experience is the same whether you’re an XS or a XXL. Similarly, as the bike grows so do the flexing forces being transmitted through the frame. By designing size specific carbon lay-ups, the frame flex can be kept consistent throughout the size range. 

More capable than you might first imagine, with a playful nature that turns mundane sections of trail into feature packed zones begging to be sessioned. The 5010 is a bike that’s equally happy flowing through the trail centre as it is floating over jumps and manualling between turns. 

Santa Cruz 5010 riding

The new 5010 is available in C and CC frames and comes with Santa Cruz’s legendary lifetime warranty on the frame and bearings. 

As with all Santa Cruz bikes, we offer the new 5010 with an Invisiframe kit fitted as standard as well as a complimentary Dirt School course to help you get the most out of your new bike. 

Santa Cruz 5010 Matte Grey


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