TVB Launch Suspension Servicing Centre in the Tweed Valley

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Tweed Valley Bikes are proud to announce the opening of a dedicated suspension servicing and tuning centre, TVB Tech. 


Based in Peebles, TVB Tech was established to reduce the turnaround time of servicing for suspension components and will work alongside the Innerleithen workshop of Tweed Valley Bikes to create a one stop shop for any bike servicing needs. 

Fox 36 Service at TVB Tech

Using genuine parts and industry leading tooling alongside a highly experienced team, TVB Tech produces the best possible service for your suspension components. With service work ranging from a simple lower leg service, all the way to damper rebuilds and upgrades, TVB Tech can help with any of your suspension servicing needs.

“We couldn’t be happier to be able to reduce turnaround times on our service jobs by bringing suspension servicing in house, ensuring riders can get back on their bikes the same day - it’s what we’ve been striving for since we opened in 2020 and are proud to now offer this level of service to local riders and visitors alike.” - Janey Kennedy, Managing Director

Fork Seal Kit

Suspension Setup

While servicing your suspension regularly to keep your bike riding smoothly is important, getting the most from your setup should be high on the list too, and is something else TVB Tech has to offer. Suspension setup plays a crucial role in how a bike handles, and with so many variables on modern suspension systems, it can often feel like two steps forward, and one step back. 

Using World Cup level data logging equipment from Motion Instruments, TVB Tech have three set up options to choose from:

  • Gold sees your bike fitted with a Motion Instruments data logging system, after which you and our suspension technician head onto the Innerleithen uplift for a day riding together (we’re all qualified guides too). Each run compiles more and more data on how your bike is reacting to the trail, allowing us to make adjustments on the fly to find your ideal setup.
  • Silver uses the same Motion Instruments data logger to inform our setup suggestions, but with changes being made at the base of the trails. A great option if you’re familiar with the Innerleithen trail network.
  • Bronze takes you over to Tweed Valley Bikes for a sag adjustment and baseline setup, and leaves you with a better understanding of all the adjustments on your fork and shock.

Motion Data Logger

TVB Tech Head Technician, Ady Bedford, has a wealth of experience using data logging having used the Motion Instuments equipment for years for both set ups and frame design. Alongside his keen eye for detail, this in depth knowledge allows him to make effective recommendations on a rider’s suspension setup.

Suspension Set Up Guided Day

“With modern suspension components being so adjustable, their setup can really alter the ride of your bike. Being in a position to not only keep peoples suspension running smoothly, but also help them to gain a better understanding of the range of adjustments and find confidence and speed on the incredible trails we have on our doorstep is something I’m really excited about, I can't wait to get started!” - Ady Bedford, Head Technician

Motion Data Logger

”With Ady’s background in engineering, frame design, custom tuning, suspension set up and servicing, alongside a great sense of humour, we couldn’t think of a better person to bring a dedicated suspension service centre to the Tweed Valley, and to look after our valued customers for years to come.” - Janey Kennedy, Managing Director

TVB Tech is here to help you get the best from your suspension components. We’re now taking bookings for Fox suspension components as early as this week, with RockShox to follow with our delivery of remaining spare parts in November. If your suspension is due a service, or you’d like to learn more about your set up, get in touch with us today.


  • TVB

    Hey Darren,

    Gold is £375, Silver £295 and Bronze £45. More info on each can be found here:


  • Darren Minto

    Hi what kind of prices are we looking at for the gold , silver , bronze set up

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